potvory are digital designers
& art directors duo

currently at Little Greta & freelancing

Pyeniny mobile app

An audio guide to Pieniny—one of the most picturesque Polish-Slovak mountain ranges. 

app design, illustration, creative writing, directing

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Web-fiction-doc based on found footage which explores the problem of Internet addition. Coming soon.

directing, screenwriting, web design, animation, editing


Web-doc regarding   famous Polish painter, assemblage artist, set designer and theatre director Tadeusz Kantor & his revolutionary theatre cricot2.

web design, motion design, art direction

Zlin Design Week 2016

7-day long festival which filled up the streets of Zlín with design. Concerning exhibition places the festival got almost two times bigger than the first year. Five spots all over Zlín became the main spots of Zlin Design Week 2016. The theme of the festival was Cash. We were exploring the value of work and investments or value of design. 

art direction, visual identity, graphic design, motion design

Holiday Ode

Motion poetry found footage video to Ernest Bryll's poem.

multimedia design, motion design, editing


The biblical story of the Creation projected onto the Cathedral in Faro, Portugal.

video mapping


Redesing of information boards in Zoo Zlin. The idea was to change each board with tablet displaying the information about the animals in much more interesting way. The user interacts with the board by choosign the desired information from the menu. The idea is shown on the example of an elephant.

information design, motion design, graphic design,